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Haydon Autospray are specialists in restoring old trucks and bringing vintage lorries back to life with the power or paint. We offer a complete customised respray and refinishing service that delivers stunning results. The secret to achieving a perfect new finish on an old vehicle lies in thorough preparation, including dent removal and abrasive blasting, to ensure a smooth surface for the new coating of spray paint. Choose your colour scheme, or we can advise, and you can even opt to jazz up the design with some expert air-brushing and gorgeous graphics.


HGVs are giant workhorses serving us faithfully on our roads so inevitably they take a beating, suffering scratches, scuffs, dings and dents in the daily round. Don’t despair when your truck begins to look tatty. Haydon Autospray uses the latest paint matching and spray-painting technology to heal those little wounds so you won’t even notice they were there. Your heavy vehicle will look as good as new. If the damage is really bad we’ll give it a full respray with a new shiny, perfect finish that will reflect well on your company’s image.
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If your truck is suffering a mid-life crisis and you opt for a re-spray, don’t forget the interior paintwork is probably just as tired looking as that on the outside, if not more so. The experienced team of specialised spray-painters at Haydon Autospray have the skill to refinish even the smallest paintwork detail in the cabin space of an HGV. Many long-haul truckers sleep, eat and drink in their vehicles, so it is important their temporary living space should be clean and attractive for the purpose.


If you really want your truck to make a statement and stand out on the road we’ll give it the ultimate customisation – a beautifully executed and finished unique airbrush design. Airbrushing turns trucks into a work of art, whether you decide to add just a small airbrushed flourish, a themed scene or a massive mural covering the cab. Airbrushing takes a great deal of experience and artistic skill, which the professional team at Haydon Autospray have in abundance. Dare to ditch dullness and bring your rig up to speed with an airbrushed design.


Your brand is one of your most important business marketing tools, and there’s no better way to maximise moving exposure than by making it obvious on your fleet of trucks when they’re out on the road. Haydon Autospray specialise in adding customised brand livery to HGVs, using spray-painting, vehicle wraps, vinyl designs, decals and graphics – whatever it takes to put your message across. Our gallery of finished jobs and a long list of satisfied customers shows that we are experts at heavy vehicle sign-writing and branding solutions.


Britain’s truckers are justifiably proud of their rigs, no matter what make, model, size or age. There are dozens of terrific truck shows and festivals held across the country every year, where exhibitors not only show off all sorts of truck and trailer related products and accessories, but are also very competitive when it comes to pulling up in the most gleaming, fancy truck on site. If you’re a truck fanatic (and it’s hard not to be) heading for an industry event Haydon Autospray is the place to come for expert help to ensure your truck is ready to rumble and stand out from the crowd.

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